Fernando Sánchez. Cantabria 1981.

Fernando Sánchez began photographing and digital editing for Público newspaper in 2008 to 2012. Afterwards he was chief photographer for La Marea magazine until 2017. Currently based in Madrid he´s a freelance worker collaborating with Eldiario.es, Público.es, Prisa Revistas and Polaris Images. Their work has been published in various national and international magazines like O Globo, Cambio 16, Lire or Fashion&Arts or editorials like Penguin Random House or Alfaguara.

2018. He begins to teach photography making a photojournalism workshop to students from Princeton University (US).

2018-2017. His work about the spanish economical crisis has been presented and exhibited in different United States Universities like Princeton in New Jersey, UPenn in Philadelphia, Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, CUNY in New York or Brown in Rhode Island.

2017. He made an individual exhibition about one of his other passion discipline, the streetphotography in Santander.

2015. He was selected by Docfields Festival from Barcelona to exhibited a multimedia about his streetphotography work.

2014. Finalist Madrid Photojournalism Awards, FOTOCAM.

2012. Finalist Madrid Photojournalism Awards, FOTOCAM.